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Perspectives from Year 1 of Grad School

ChatGPT is going to devalue human-produced writing. Makes you realize how much of human communication is at these surface levels. Science in the age of GPTs

I wish there were more blog posts. They are a window into how people view the world and how their experiences have shaped them. It is a much more than whatever words are written on the page.

Technology is a neverending march, but biology is forever.

Important that teams are “set up for success”

Grant writing is a mess, honestly the scariest thing about doing science. Not necessarily that it is hard or that you will be unable to come up with ideas, but the fact that whether you are able to get funded is dependent on colleagues that are sometimes competitors or for whatever other reason don’t want you to get the funding is horrible.

Grant reviewers should be graded similarly to how VCs get graded, as its a very similar problem! Having some data about what kinds of other funding sources are available, for example SRAs, DARPA vs NIH funding, Fast Grants, weathy donors, private associations or research foundations, institute funding, HHMI.

The people teaching the grant writing class were old and clearly out of touch with what it feels like to be an early career researcher in today’s funding environment.

Published Feb 19, 2023

Harvard-MIT PhD Student