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Twitter Gems

Coronavirus summer has turned into one of the busiest times of my life. The virtual format of work has given plenty of excuses to overload my schedule, probably to the overall detriment to each of the activities that I’m involved in. Still, I managed to spend almost 2 hours on Twitter today (only counting phone screen time), which is absurd.

While its unfortunate that instant gratification has set back projects and forced me to work for longer and with less focus than I’d like, I still can’t ignore how clearly Twitter has also provided significant value not only as an entertainment source, but also a cultural monitor, and engagement and learning tool. Twitter can be toxic, especially in the time of Covid-19 when everyone is at home and cranky. It requires active reflection of the circles that one engages and reads from. Done right however, I’ve found it have a profoundly positive impact on my intellectual health (I think social media deserves a ton of credit for why Gen Z is so smart!). This post contains some examples (all from the first 21 days of June!!).



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Twitter is a tool. Learn to use it effectively, and the benefits are tremendous!