Writing and Research

Green Lab:

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Capsulomics Inc.:

  1. Merz B, Bastakoti I, Kann L, Lu D, Gong D, et al. Analytical Validation of a Barrett’s Esophagus Risk Stratification Methylation Assay. American College of Gastroenterology. 2021.
  2. Lu D, Merz B, Nguyen C, Gong D, et al. Impact of a DNA Methylation-based Assay on Gastroenterologists’ Recommendations for Risk-Stratified BE Patients: A Randomized Clinical Utility Study. American College of Gastroenterology Annual Meeting. Virtual Meeting. 2021
  3. Gong D, Lunz D, Stover JS, Meltzer SJ. The Clinical Utility of a Genetic Risk Test for Barrett’s Esophagus. Under Review
  4. Ma K, Tsai HL, Nolet C, Gong D, et al. Accurate Detection of Esophageal Squamous Cell Cancer (ESCC) Using Machine Learning with Methylated DNA Biomarkers. Under review

Snyder Lab:

  1. Gong D, Jiang L. Aging Related Pathway Discovery Via Whole Body Transcriptomics. BMES. Virtual Meeting. 2020

Powell Lab:

  1. Gong D, Kim YR, Patel C, Powell J. An Association Between SGK1 Gene Expression and CD8+ T Cell Differentiation. Maryland Junior Science Symposium. College Park, MD. 2018

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Alix Ventures:

During the coronavirus summer of 2020, I had the pleasure of leading content at Alix Ventures, an early stage healthcare and life sciences VC firm based in San Francisco. During my time, I doubled follower count, tripled views, and earned the publication the distinction as a top writer in venture capital. In all, I was able to write, edit, and publish 24 articles and reports - all linked below!

Market Deep Dive Reports (pdfs)

AI Drug Discovery | Quantum Enabled Drug Development | CRISPR Therapeutics | Longevity Therapeutics | Drug Repurposing

Founder Spotlight Series: Interviews with top early stage biotech founders

Zachary Sun of Tierra Biosciences | Caralynn Collens of Dimension Inx | Rust Felix of Slope | Xiling Shen of Xilis | Evan Ehrenberg and Sol Chen of Clara Health | Lucas Siow of ProteinQure | Jack O’Meara of Ochre Bio

Feature Articles

The Biology of Business | Tackling Market Forces in Healthcare and Life Sciences | Frontier Perspectives: Quantum Aided Drug Development | Frontier Perspectives: AI Drug Discovery | Frontier Perspectives: CRISPR Therapeutics | Time Capsule: 50 Years in Biotech | Frontier Perspectives: Drug Repurposing

Podcast Episodes and Show Notes

Mark Pulido - Former CEO @ McKesson and Novartis | Rob Chess - Chairman @ Twist Biosciences and Nektar Therapeutics | Jessica Chao - Director @ UCSF Clinical Innovations Center | Tony Kulesa - Co-Founder @ Petri Life Sciences Accelerator | Ian Tong - CMO @ Doctor on Demand | Nan Li - Managing Partner @ Obvious Ventures